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PX, Stuff and FEH

First, the FEH part.  I'm sick.  A week before christmas.  FEH  So, since there is a very strong likelihood I will not be going to work tomorrow, I thought I would write a post about stuff.  Then I remembered I needed to write a post about PX.  Hmmm, time to start typing.

So, to repeat what has already been posted PX was awesome.  There were only two employees.  Ashley, the attractive hostess/waitress and Jason, the barkeep.  Both performed their jobs flawlessly, were great conversationalists and completely professional.  Despite showing up 45 minutes before our reservation, we were allowed in and began the evening in a small alcove beside the bar.  After about 20 minutes, seats at the bar opened up and we moved in.  We were about to talk to Jason about the cocktails he was making, what spirits he preferred and discussions about bitters and homemade mixers.  It was a cocktail enthusiasts dream.   The menu consisted of about two dozen drinks from classic cocktails to champagne cocktails, flips, fizzes, etc.   Here are some of the cocktails that I remember:

Smoker's Delight, a cocktail consisting of bourbon, lemon juice, tobacco syrup, simple syrup and a honeycomb swizzle.
Grog, consisting of spiced rum and jasmine tea.
My Wife's Favorite Manhattan, which contained Todd Thrasher's homemade vermouth and cherry bitters.  We learned that the drink is named for the fact that Mr. Thrasher's wife loves this drink.  We also learned she was sitting beside us for a while.  Small world.
Sweet Basil, I closed out the night with this phenomenal drink.  Lillet Blanc, lemon juice and basil simple syrup.  Delicious.

There were many other fantastic drinks.  Hopefully, Roy and Luke will leave a comment telling us about their thoughts on the drinks.

In other news, my after-Christmas purchases will include a soda siphon and a hand crank ice crusher.  

Hmmm, what else.  Oh, if there are any readers out there from Tennessee, let me know.  I want to hit a Tennessee liquor store when I visit my mother over the holidays and want to find out if there is anything to keep my eyes open for.

Sean mentioned in a comment below that we are thinking of moving to our own domain.  I'm a big fan of this, but we'll see where the blog-gods take us.  

Well, I'm going to take some vitamins, make a mug of warm grog, and hopefully get over this bug before Christmas.

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