October 12th, 2007



Wired has an article up today about a company that mixes up new blended scotches.  The company's name is Compass Box, though they also mention Glenfiddich's Monkey Shoulder, which I'd first heard about on warren_ellis LJ posting about it.  I'd considered that night ordering some, but it's unavailable in the US so far and I'm not certain about ordering it and risking my money if it doesn't make it across the border.

But the article today had me thinking.  is blending scotches like Compass Box does not dissimilar to making a cocktail?  You're not using other ingredients, obviously, other than grain and malt whiskey, especially not the bitters that constitutes a "true" cocktail according to DrinkBoy, but then again, perhaps if you used the whiskey barrel bitters that Fee's puts out...

And how possible would that be to do on your own?  Other than simply having a huge variety of scotches, it doesn't seem to be THAT hard.  And what about doing it with bourbons?

It bears thinking about, perhaps.

(Damn.  Now I want some whiskey.)