October 24th, 2007

Dexter & Stagg
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Argghhhhh Matey

Recently I posted about the latest set of swag I got from Amazon to make tasty beverages with, one of those being falernum.  I have wanted this particular ingredient ever since I started getting into classic cocktails because of its use in tiki drinks.  You know the kind of drinks I'm referring to, drinks such as the Mai Tai that have lots of booze a little juice and other sweeteners and are nice and tropical.   Surprised as I was, I hadn't opened up the falernum until yesterday.  I know, I know, I'm a slacker.

Anyway, tasted straight, it has an intense sweetness with the flavors of lime, ginger, clove, rum and a few others floating around.  But boy is it intense.  My day at work yesterday seemed to last forever and I really needed a good happy drink.  As I searched, I found one that seemed to fit the bill and could be called a tiki drink.  The Jolly Roger.  Damn was it good and had me thinking about pillaging, plundering and getting into sword fights (but not in a homer-erotic way.)

The Jolly Roger
2 oz Dark Rum (Goslings Black Seal is perfect)
1 oz orange juice
1/4 oz falernum
a dash of bitters (I used agnostura)

Shake everything with ice and strain into your favorite tiki cup/hollowed-out coconut/hollowed out tiki god statue from that Brady Bunch episode where they went to Hawaii, the one where one of the Gilligan's Island folks shows up and everybody gets cursed in some way.  Yeah, that was way cool.

Sorry, but no picture because I was too lazy to get my camera.  I may try to do better next time.