October 25th, 2007


What's the perfect "I've just been dumped" drink?

I realized last night that this is the first time I have been the one getting dumped (at  least, past the first-second date kind of thing).  That sucks.

Oh well.

So when I got home and told Cathy about it, she asked me if I wanted a drink.  Not right then, I didn't, but later I thought yes, I would like a drink.

But what to drink?

So I went and made a Sazerac.  Honestly, I'm not a huge Pernod fan, so the last time I made one (carefully to Robert Hess' recipe) it didn't come out so great.  I thought about using a sugar cube this time but I stuck with the simple syrup.

Since I wasn't paying close attention, I didn't make it precisely.  I poured in some Pernod, swished it around, and left a little puddle in the bottom.  I squirted in some rich simple syrup (not having regular right now), then poured in two ounces of Sazerac rye, followed with two dashes (oops) of Peychaud bitters and a twist of lemon.

I actually think it came out quite well, with the sole problem being the glass could've been colder.

I chilled another glass and this time followed the recipe (not the instructions) to the letter - and again, was disappointed.

So, perhaps, for me, a bit of a variation on the recipe is needed.  I'll further experiment with the SeanMike-Sazerac and let you know.

After that, before heading over to my neighbor's house for a much-needed (and tasty) Lone Wolf Sungrown, I made a Satan's Whiskers.  I think tmfiii has posted the recipe before, but if you forget, it's:
3/4 ounce gin (I used Tanqueray 10)
3/4 ounce sweet vermouth
3/4 ounce dry vermouth
1/2 ounce OJ
1/2 ounce Grand Marnier
1 dash orange bitters

VERY good.  I gave David a taste and he enjoyed it, too.  "That," I said, "is why I want to have a cocktail party."

Now to figure out what I want to do about cigars.  I need more Lone Wolfs - but I'm just debating on the size of which kinds, between the Wolf Pack and the Sungrown.  I like 'em both, but do I want longer Wolf Packs, or maybe shorter Sungrowns, or stick with the sizes I have now?  The fact that they come in 25 cigar bundles doesn't help things...
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The Rum Motherload

I was out getting lunch today and stopped into a liquor store near my office.  I can't remember the name of it . . . kind of the par-for-the-course quintessential DC liquor store where they have lottery/convenience/wine/liquor everywhere and run by people who don't care about their customers or being helpful in the least little bit.  The kind of place that Schneiders is definitely NOT.  

Anyway, I walk in just to look around and make a startling discovery.  They have more rum than I have ever seen in a liquor store!!!  They had at least three shelves about 8 feet long loaded with things I have never seen before.  Their prices seemed a bit on the high side from things I've seen in VA ABC stores, but for that selection, maybe it's worth it?  Anyway, the store is on K St. NW between 14th and 15th.  

Next time I'm in the market for rum, or get thirsty and bored at work, maybe I'll stop by.  I'll also try and give a list of some of the things they carry.

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Thursday night

I'm not going to work on Friday, so we'll see how that works out - evidently Johnny's Half Shell has a special mixed drink for UVA alumni.  We'll see how that goes.

After hitting Claire & Don's and having a couple of Sierra Nevada Pale Ales, we went home and I made myself a double-sized Satan's Whiskers.

Damn.  I keep spelling Noilly Prat wrong!

That was tasty (that glass is after I drank about half of it - Matt had a taste and liked it, though he felt it strong.)

Then it was Manhattan time.

The Noilly Prat made a difference.  I also made it (I think) closer to traditional proportions, 2 oz. of whiskey to 1/2 oz. of vermouth.  I may have made them with more vermouth in the past...and yes, those are bourbon-and-grand-marnier-soaked cherries.

A single sized Manhattan like that, then a double sized one with Fee's Aromatic Bitters instead, and it's time for bed - after I drink a bunch of water.

Tomorrow - depending on things - Shelly's Backroom for lunch, Curtis Draper for La Gloria Cubana's cigar rolling class, Johnny's Half Shell for UVA alumni event.

And no tags tonight.  I'm lazy and drunk.  Okay, so a few.