October 27th, 2007


UVA themed drinks

I went to the UVA event at Johnny's Half-Shell and they had a drink there that was called the "Electric Cavalier".

The Electric Cavalier (portions estimated)
1 1/2 ounces vodka
1/2 ounce blue curacao
4 ounces lemonade
garnish with an orange slice

It's a bit fruity for me, but tasty.  No pictures of it, of course.

We're watching football right now, so it was time for a UVA tradition that I haven't had in ages - the bourbon and coke.

This time it's about 3 ounces of Evan Williams green label - my favorite for this drink - and filled the rest of the pint glass with Coke Zero.  For some reason Diet Coke seems more appropriate many times, but hey, this works too.

Mmmm, bourbon and coke and football.  Yay.

Bad drink of the weekend

After the DCHoos alumni event last night a group of us went to the Dubliner right nearby.  The first drink I got was bought for me by Roy - a "Black and Blue", supposed to be Guinness and Blue Moon.  They didn't have Blue Moon Belgian White, so they used a Leinenkugel's variation.

Not good.