November 2nd, 2007


Last night

Ran into a couple of problems:
  • Twitter was being very slow via my Blackberry web interface (and I hadn't configured it for texting from my Blackberry)
  • My cell phone died
  • Dad showed up
So I walked up to the ABC store and bought a bottle of Bombay Sapphire and Maker's Mark.  From there started walking up towards the Liberty Tavern, was going to be way early, so I stopped at Ireland's Four Courts and got a couple pints of Smithwicks.

From there I wandered up to Liberty Tavern.  It was packed, but I quickly found David and moved my way to the bar.  A few minutes later I ordered a Masonic:
Bulleit Bourbon
Still Water

I can't say that I recommend it.  It tasted kind of like a lighter version of the mint julep.  The mint was kind of shredded, so you constantly got a mouthful of mint no matter if you drank from the rim or the straw.  The bourbon taste was almost completely masked by the lemon and mint.

By the time I started thinking of what to order next I heard from my dad, so it was off to Claire & Don's.  A Blue Moon Belgian White, a couple of Miller Lites, and a blackened group sandwich (yummy), it was back home for some Sam Adams Winter Lager and smoking a La Gloria Cubana with dad (who loves his Lone Wolfs now).

So not a bad night.  Wish I could've spent more time at Liberty Tavern, but after being disappointed with the Masonic I wasn't too upset.

Today I'm off to Charlottesville.  Wonder who is bartending at Maarten's...