December 1st, 2007


Mr. Churchill's Birthday

I swung by tmfiii's place for a cigar and drink tonight to celebrate Winston Churchill's birthday.

Also because I had a present for him - I'll wait for him to post the pictures of them.

But, to me, in terms of Churchill, I figured it called for gin.  We already had the plans for cigars...

I went with the classic martini.

Now, I know that Churchill was all about having so little vermouth that you just look at France when making it (thus making his martini a very, very dry martin - i.e. cold gin) but I'm not that way.  So, while over at el casa de tmfiii I went for the 3 oz. of Plymouth gin and 1 oz. of Martini & Rossi dry vermouth - and a dash of olive brine from a bottle of Haddon House pitted Spanish olives.  I do like 'em dirty.

For a cigar, I grabbed a La Gloria Cubana Serie R #5 - it's close to Churchill in size, and I haven't had a La Gloria Cubana Serie R in a while (mostly just having the regular La Glorias).

Wow.  I'd forgotten how much I like 'em - that's the reason why La Gloria Serie R cigars were always my "go to" cigar.

I burned mine down to my fingers.  Damn nice.

Got home and switched martinis - Bombay gin and Noilly Prat dry vermouth, a bit of brine from a bottle of Santa Barbara Olive Co. pimento stuffed olives.  Mmmmm.

Obviously by this point (6 oz. of gin, 2 oz. of vermouth) I'm feeling awesome.  But yeah - good night.

I can't wait still for our trip to PX!
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Mr. Churchill's Birthday Party

Well last night I ended up looking through some tomes and decided on making a Star Cocktail.  Since this is also the drink I'm going to wax poetic about during the upcoming MxMo, I'll save the description and pictures for that post.

But needless to say, a Star Cocktail seemed very appropriate to toast a man that was a shining star for his country and a beacon for the world during World War II. 

For my cigar, I fired up a La Aurora Cien Anos robusto.  A great smoke, dark, rich with some great toffee and dark chocolate notes.  Ummm . . .

I did get my present from Sean, and will be posting those pictures soon.  Needless to say they are AWESOME and you will be seeing them quite a lot on these pages.

Finally, to end the celebration of Winston Churchill I offer these words of advice from the man himself,

"All I can say is that I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me."