December 18th, 2007


Here we go again...

Went down to Schneider's to buy a Christmas present (it's $30 cheaper there than in Virginia's ABC).

Looking at the website before I see that they have Carpano Antica sweet vermouth.  I hear it's really good, and probably should be, given the price, so I say, what the heck, I'll buy a bottle when I get there.

Got the last bottle.  Woot.

So I'm walking around with the bottle of Lagavulin 16 year old (the present) and the Carpano Antica and I'm looking at the gin.  I'd been interested on the way there in getting a bottle of Anchor's Junipero Gin, but I was pretty positive that a) they wouldn't have it and b) that I couldn't remember the name of it.  So I'm looking at their gin, and in particular, the Bluecoat, which I saw a good review of last night, and there I see a line of the Junipero.

Ooooo.  I'll take that!

So then I'm looking at the rye, and there's an interesting $40 bottle but hey, I've got a bottle of Red Hook Rye coming in from NYC this week.  (Thank you Ed!  tmfiii is getting one, too...)  Their whiskey guy - I call him that because I don't know his name but he's always around the whiskey section and has never steered me wrong - points out a bottle of Willett Straight Kentucky bourbon, family estate bottled, single barrel, six years old and 122.4 proof.  That sneaks by my defenses and into my grubby little hands.

Oh well.

I get to the register at the same time as an old man, so I let him go first.  As he rings up, I keep looking at the scotch.  And I see it.

I've been looking at a bottle of 15 year old Glenfiddich at VA ABC for a while, and here it is at Schneider's, about $13 less.


It is mine.

What a heavy backpack to carry home.  And I try not to think of my credit card bill.

But oh man.

Must...resist...urge...for super...manhattan...