December 20th, 2007

Dexter & Stagg
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Merry Christmas to All and Santa Came Early!!!

Well folks, I'm still sick (TRIPLE FEH) and tomorrow I leave for southwest VA to spend the holidays with my mom.  That means no new posts from me for a few days.  I'm sure Sean will have some things to post about and I'll have my camera with me to chronicle anything exciting that may happen while I'm away . . . doubtful, but you never know.

There are three big problems with being sick this week.  First, it's the week before Christmas and I don't want to spent one second of my vacation time with my mom sick.  Second, I had to burn a day and a half of vacation time because I'm a thoughtful co-worker and really didn't want to give some of the biznatches I work with a cold, even though they may deserve it.  And finally, I can't get in the lab and start concocting things for the holiday season.  However folks, my sorrow is your gain!

Once I get back, and hopefully healthy, I want to experiment with some holiday drinks, maybe try a few new infusions and syrups, make a new drink or two, and another trip to the liquor store.  Yayyyy!  Plus while I'm away for the holidays, I'm hoping to hit a Tennessee package store and try and find some new and interesting things I can turn into tasty beverages.  I know you're all excited about that!

And of course, since I've been a good intoxicologist all year, SANTA CAME EARLY!!!

Straight outta Red Hook, Brooklyn (thanks to a great friend and talented chef, Mr. Ed Hardy***!!!) a bottle of Red Hook Rye.  Sold at LeNell's, this is the Rye that bears her name.    My understanding is that their store is the only one that sells this rye in the world and they only sell one barrel at a time per year.  For this bottle, the ambrosia is from barrel #3 which only produced a scant 192 bottles (the angels must have really loved this rye, it seems to me they took a bit extra in their share!)  Sean and myself both received bottles.  

As you can see, mine is bottle 22 out of 192.

Well folks, it's time for me to get out of here.   I think I just may have to have a nip before heading to bed.  You'll get a full report upon my return.  

Until then, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good drink!

***Seriously folks, watch out for Mr. Hardy's name in the culinary world.  He's already turned a few heads with greater things to come.  And he loves a good bourbon!