January 9th, 2008


bad cigar night

I've been sadly remiss in posting recently but that's for good reason; I broke (it ends up) my thumb Saturday night.  Of course, if you've read runoknows, you already know that.

Monday night, given the "fun" I was having with sleeping I decided to smoke a cigar and enjoy the beautiful evening (it was in the 60s here in Arlington).  So I took out one of my new Rocky Patel Sungrowns and went out to smoke it.

As I did so somebody came over to buy my brother's receiver and me, being the dumbass that I am, didn't pick up my cigar before he went by my chair.  He knocked it, over went the water bowl and the cigar.  It was not salvageable, I'm afraid.

Well - crap.

What the heck, I'd only smoked half of it, I'll get another.  I grabbed one of the Arturo Fuentes I'd gotten in the same shipment.  That one wouldn't stay lit.  It kept trying to tunnel, or would only burn on one side, or whatever.

Crap again.

I finally gave up and got a La Gloria Serie R #4 maduro I've had in my humidor for a while.  THAT one smoked fine!

Last night I wandered down to Argia's for another of the Rockys and some red wine.  MMmmm.