January 30th, 2008


State of the Cocktail (DC), and Cigar Smoke-Off

Over on metrocurean I saw a post talking about "State of the Cocktail".  Obviously, this is DC-centric, but it makes me excited to see some places I'll need to get out to and try out.  I like the line "gin is the new tequila" and I'm definitely going to have to find my way over to Cork sometime soon.

Or heck, to New Heights, which matches gins with various tonics.  Sounds good to me!  I've been wanting to try Q, I hope they have that.  Though I've been very happy now that I have found Stirrings tonic.

In other news, I finally got a chance to sit down and not freeze my ass off while smoking a cigar or two.  I took advantage of that last night after a hearty dinner with Matt, Cathy, and dad over at Dogfish Head Alehouse.  Going outside, I made myself a couple of my own Alehouse 75s (half 60 minute IPA, half 90 minute - the same as I'd been drinking at the Alehouse) and took with me one each of the Lone Wolfs - a Wolfpack and a Sungrown, both the same size.

I smoked the Wolfpack first.  It's classified as a "mild" cigar in the listings while the Sungrown was classified as a "moderate".

Despite those descriptors, I'd say that the Wolfpack has a bit more of a taste to it, a sort of spiciness that can be quite nice.  It seemed, though, that the Wolfpack tends to burn faster, and I have more issues with those burning unevenly than I do with the Sungrowns.

The Sungrown is a smoother, though stronger, smoke.  It tends to burn a bit slower and much more evenly, with a better ash too I feel.

At the cost for the cigars - with shipping, I paid about $60 for 50 of them - you really can't go wrong.  They're cheap enough that you don't feel bad if you lose or mess one up, and they're good enough that I'm more than happy to hand them to people to smoke or just take one with me on the off-chance I get some time to light one up.

I have to say - I wish I'd had one after I got done with lunch today!  It would've made my walk back to work from Courthouse that much more pleasant.