February 22nd, 2008


two surprises

I'm in Charlottesville today, home of UVA, the alma mater of both myself and tmfiii  .

One of my traditional stops when coming to the Hook - other than stopping to buy all the crap I forgot to bring this time - is at Cavalier Pipe and Tobacco in the Barracks Road shopping center. I've been going there ever since I started smoking.

This time I stopped and bought a few cigars. He had Rocky Patel Sungrowns, which I'm rather low on, so I bought two each of two different sizes. He pointed out some new Perdomos to me, Perdomo Habano, that have a Connecticut wrapper. I bought two of the smaller ones that look to be about robusto in length but maybe a bit fatter and one of a big, fat, longer one. (I hate the connotations that some cigars can bring on.) I have a thing for big cigars. (Again.) And I'm going to stop there.

So I'm getting ready to leave and as I am he (the owner, who has been there for 20-some odd years) starts to tell me a story about cigars with a UVA label. They're half Perdomo half CAO leaf, according to him, rolled back in '97-'99 when Perdomo would send the guy up here. In 2000, they offered to send him again for $7,000, but that just wasn't economically feasible for the store. Since UVA had started playing Miami, however (and especially, I guess, after they joined the ACC - the timeline on this story is a bit fuzzy) and the Perdomo (if it was Perdomo) rep lived in Miami, he agreed to have them made and shipped up to Cavalier.

Long story short (too late!):

Pertinent information for Marshall since he wants me to pick him up some on my way home: the two on the left are $4.50 a pop, the two in the middle $3.95, and the six on the right are $3.75.

A close-up on the label:

I'm excited about these.

Well, I did say two surprises.


For the first time ever (on this blog).

We have....

Let's see if this works....

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So here's a link instead.

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