March 11th, 2008



The Washington Post today had an article about absinthe.  It was nothing ground-breaking but covered a lot of what Marshall and Joe talked about Saturday at Ace Beverage.

The story mentions Kubler absinthe, a bottle of which tmfiii picked up while we were out Saturday.  Another friend of ours, Roy, had heard of absinthe but never tried it and so that night we did an absinthe tasting.

One thing I have to say is Marshall did it much better than when I'd tried a tasting of Lucid.  He and Roy did Lucid versus Kubler, and after they were done I tried both as well.

The Lucid had a stronger taste.  Of the two, I think I preferred the Kubler, but I actually found that, surprisingly enough for me, I liked both of them!

(Yet I still cannot stand straight Pernod.  I'm guessing many people can't.)

When I finish off my bottle of Lucid I will probably replace it with the Kubler.  Until then, I guess I have more Sazeracs and Cocktail de la Louisianes to make...