March 21st, 2008

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Just a Head's Up for Linkers to the Den

Hey guys!

I know we've been quiet lately.  I've got two pages of notes from an orange liqueur tasting that tmfiii and I did the other day and he's got some ideas for a new feature that might be pretty cool.  Plus I still want to do a taste test featuring some ryes, and, well, various other things.

That whole "St. Patrick's Day" thing kind of trips things up a bit, as did the kickball meeting Wednesday night.  The latter did net me a nice free very large pour of some Compass Box scotch, so hey, that's cool.

But I wanted to give you a head's up.  As I've mentioned, we've secured several domain names for the den:

(I'm a bit OCD, sue me.)

These all resolve here, currently, to scofflaws_den.  However, given the current constraints of being on LJ, and especially with the new management of LJ, we'll be moving soon to a new host.

What that means for all y'all out there in cyberspaceland, especially those of y'all kind enough to give us links, is that if you're using the link, it will no longer work.  There'll be a final post there, of course, and I'll probably rig up an RSS feed for those of y'all still on LJ.

(Heck, for the given time I'll probably still be maintaining runoknows on LJ, anyway, for what that's worth.)

But just to give y'all the head's up.   Thanks guys!
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