March 30th, 2008


I did have lots of pretty pictures

But I'll be darned if I know where my USB cable is for my camera.  Thus, we'll stick with written descriptions.

Part one:  I was at the VA ABC store next to the Harris Teeter near my house today.  I was buying a bottle of dark rum (Gosling's) since I'd Twitter-ed some good tiki type drinks yesterday that used Myer's, but I'm not a huge Myer's fan.  I was also debating a bottle of Smirnoff Black Cherry vodka since I wanted to try to make a different drink they'd made at Clare & Don's.

On my way out the door there I noticed a bottle of Rittenhouse 21 year old rye.  I hemmed and hawed, I called tmfiii, I debated.  After my visit to the Harris Teeter, I bought it.

I'm very excited about it.  I'd try it tonight, but we hit part two...

Part two:  I've been promising for a while that I'd make a video for my friend Mike Strack about how to make a Long Island Iced Tea.

Thanks to my glorious skills at teh webcamz, here's the second part:

And that's what I'm drinking right now.

Mmmmm.  It ain't so bad, dudes.  If a bit strong.  Methinks I need more food...