April 16th, 2008


New York City?! Get a rope.

Despite the years, that line from whatever brand salsa commercial that was is still my all-time favorite line about New York City.

Well, if'n y'all haven't a-heard (DAMN SALSA COWBOYS!) ol' tmfiii and I are off to the Big Apple this weekend.  We will be taking Amtrak up there Friday morning, and back Sunday night, while hanging out with our old friend Ed, I'm guessing possibly his lovely fiancee Froggy McLimey Frannie, and in general hitting various restaurants and bars.

We even have our new business cards up and ready to go for the trip - and they look nice.  They'll point you to our new site, which is still under construction, but should hopefully be up rather soon-ish (and will, right now, point you back here, so don't let that become a recursive clicking issue).

I don't know how reliable our access will be to the 'net, other than by mobile device, but I will be doing my darned bestest to keep things updated via Twitter.

(I'm HighwayStar on there if you don't feel like clicking on that link.)

Some of the places we will be hitting or at least attempting to hit:
  • Aquavit
  • Death & Company
  • Pegu Club
  • Elettaria
  • Flatiron Lounge
  • PDT
  • Little Branch
  • East Side Company Bar
  • Tailor
Anyways, hope that we get to see some of y'all while up there, and hope that you get a chance to check out our travels around the island of Manhattan!

(Mental note: Must get a Manhattan while on Manhattan!)