April 30th, 2008


Citrus Vodka

The New York Times today has an article about citrus vodka (link awareness thanks to Slashfood; they screwed up all the links in their post, however).

It's an interesting article about a citrus vodka tasting but I have to admit, I was disappointed that they didn't list all the vodkas that they tasted nor did they post the ratings for any but six of them (of the approximately 25 they tasted).  The article does feature quotes by some of our favorite mixologists, however, such as Audrey Sanders, Gary Regan, and David Wondrich.  (EDIT NOTE:  I originally misspoke and mentioned Eben Freeman, because I am dumb and misread the article.  The Eben mentioned is Eben Kremm.  Feel free to smack me in the head, either Eben!)

One of the top two they list there is the Hangar One Buddha's Hand which I might have to try out next time I buy a bottle of citrus vodka.  That being said...

Obviously, tmfiii has said often and loudly his disdain for vodka in general.  (He'd probably enjoy Gary Regan's quote about how when he goes for flavored vodka, he typically ends up with gin.)  I, on the other hand, tend to have a few different flavored vodkas around, mostly for specific drinks.

I keep Charodei for just "regular" vodka.  My mom prefers Grey Goose citrus vodka for her Cosmopolitans; I had bought a bottle of Ketel One Citroen for when she visited but that was stolen by some guys replacing our refrigerator.  When I had to make orange jell-o shots for kickball last night, I got a bottle of Smirnoff citrus vodka because, honestly, it was cheap.

(And making 60 shots, using a recipe I found on WikiHow, took 30 ounces of vodka - it seems a fifth only holds 27.  Damn.  I ended up finishing off the last batch with three ounces of Cointreau.)

(I'd also threatened to make absinthe and/or Sazerac jell-o shots.  I didn't, this time, because (again) honestly, this is my first time I've ever made jell-o shots.)

I've got a few other bottles lying around.  I have a bottle of Absolut Kurrant which I bought simply for the bottle itself to make a vase for some flowers for a girl I was going out with at the time.  It's now in another bottle and I have absolutely no idea what to make with it, except occasionally a Metropolitan.

I made a bottle of horseradish-infused Fris vodka thanks to a recipe in Imbibe!.  I haven't made a horseradish egg sour lately, but I often make Bloody Marys (in reality, I only "often" make them for mom) so hopefully that'll be slowly used up.

I've got a bottle of black cherry Smirnoff which I bought in my quest to replicate the recipe for a cherry lime rickey.

I don't think I have any other bottles but there might be another one hiding somewhere.  When I inventory my bar again (mental note: need to replace the Maker's Mark that my brother killed the other night) I'll have to check.  I have been very tempted to make my own bubble gum flavored vodka thanks to going to Tailor!

(That would probably lead to me dying.  I could see myself drinking a whole bottle of that in no time.  Or maybe it'd finally catch up with me.  I'd probably be better off giving it to some (over 21 year old) college girls.)

Personally, I feel that flavored vodka is another tool in the chest of the mixologist.  It shouldn't replace using natural flavors but in certain drinks a good flavored vodka can enhance the overall drink, and some people prefer the taste - or lack thereof - of vodka over more intricate and/or stronger liquors.

Any preferences from y'all?
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