July 1st, 2008


Upcoming plans

In case any of you wondered...we're coming up on 4th of July weekend, and more importantly, tomorrow is my birthday.  So I thought I'd share my more cocktail-related plans with y'all...

Tonight is pretty ordinary.  Just going to an Irish place up the street with some coworkers (Ireland's Four Courts) for happy hour type drinks.  Though we might stop at Ray's the Steaks new burger place (Ray's Butcher Burgers) for a $6.95, 10 ounce awesome sounding cheeseburger if it's not too insane.

Tomorrow night it's off to The Majestic, owned by the same group that does Restaurant Eve and PX, followed by a trip to PX.  Hopefully we'll get to sit at the bar at PX.

Thursday Marshall and I will be heading over to visit Justin at Central Michel Richard and check out some of what he's got going behind the bar, including something called Del Maguey Pechuga, a triple distilled mezcal that goes through the last distillation with a raw chicken breast in the still.

No plans for Friday as of yet, but Saturday will be my "birthday party", cooking out at my condo complex and perhaps making up the latest drink I invented which I named after my kickball team, "DC Detention".  It's somewhat orange in color and, according to my parents, tastes like Orange Nehi; they thought it would be very dangerous as it was quite easy to drink.

I'll post the recipe once I'm positive I've gotten it straight.

Should be a fun weekend!  I haven't Twitter-ed much lately thanks to Twitter having so many problems but I might try to get some of this on there...
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