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Happy Fat Tuesday!

Hey Folks!

Wanted to wish everyone out there a happy Fat Tuesday.  Or if you're a political junkie, like so many here in DC are, happy Super Tuesday.

I feel like I've been a little lax on my posting, but things have been a little crazy for me.  Hopefully that will change pretty soon.  Like it or not, you will be seeing more postings from yours truly!

If you haven't seen it, go check out Michael Park's blog entry on Absinthe on the site.  It's an interesting read, especially the comments.

Also, next Monday is another installment of Mixology Monday (so soon!) and the theme is "tweaks."  Sean and I will be working on our entries in the next few days so be sure to check back next Monday for those posts.  They should be a lot of fun.  This weekend a great friend of mine, Capt. Rob Michaels, US Army JAG Corps, will be in town visiting.  We're planning on some good times with cigars, bourbon, a cocktail or two and a little revelry.  I think Sean's coming along for the ride, so hopefully we'll have some good stuff to write about after that.

Enjoy the rest of the week and keep those cocktails cold!


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