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The Blackbird

Though I tire, I promised I'd post - and it's been a while since we had anything up.

Coming up here soon in the Den I'm going to start doing regular liquor reviews.  Depending on how well you know me, you may or may not know that I write video game reviews for  That's my "second job" (first being an engineer).

I originally started my blog (runoknows) as sort of a book review site, too, and I still do a lot of that.  For those of you curious about that name, in select gaming circles I have the nickname of "Runo" thanks to a character in my first MMORPG named "Runornir".  Thus "Runo Knows..." - I never expected for the blogging to go as far as it has.

So I'm going to sit down and do comprehensive reviews.  I may group up some and do "rye whiskeys", for instance, or compare two similar liquors.  Of course, I'm limited as to what I own, but I'll do my best.

I also upgraded the old Sanyo MM-8300 today to a Palm Centro.  Therefore, when hitting bars - particularly with a cocktail focus - I may try to Twitter it a bit more.

Which leads us to the Blackbird.  This was a cocktail listed at Restaurant Three, a fairly new place (I believe) in the Clarendon region of Arlington.

The ingredients were listed (as recalled by not-perfect memory) as raspberry, honey syrup and bourbon.  Intrigued, I ordered one, something that got a lot of comments at the bar as people wondered who ordered the rather complicated drink (and were perhaps surprised to see who did).  The bartender muddled some raspberries in their syrup in, added the honey and a long pour of Maker's Mark, then shook and strained it.

The resultant beverage, served in a cocktail glass, was an almost dark crimson concoction.  At first taste I really enjoyed it - you could still taste the Maker's Mark, but the other flavors were there, too.  Unfortunately as I drank it I cared for it less and less.  It was just too sweet; there was no tart balancing out the strength of the honey plus the sweetness of Maker's Mark.  More raspberry and less honey, or maybe even a dash of bitters, probably would've helped it a lot.

I couldn't imagine drinking multiple of them despite the pleasant bourbon taste to them.  However, drinkers who are more accustomed to rather sweet drinks might enjoy it.  The only thing I would worry about for them would be the solid taste of bourbon you get into it, since many drinkers who prefer ultra-sweet seem to dislike the taste of liquor in their drinks.

I might experiment with my own version some time here soon - after I go back and make one of the drinks that I posted back in December by the Liquid Muse...
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