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Manliest Cocktails

So somebody (coughcough harmakhet coughcough) sent me a link to "The 11 Manliest Cocktails in the World".  Intrigued, of course, I had to check out that link.

If you want to read the article first, go ahead, or not, whatever.

The first couple of drinks are fine.  They're not necessarily cocktails, per se - well, I mean, a car bomb is sort of one, and the "Kentucky Tea" is water and whiskey.  I've never known anyone to drink moonshine and water, it's always just straight, and also, moonshine ain't aged - so it's not going to look like tea, if that's where the name came from.  I don't know if it did or not, but I've never heard of it before.

Rusty Nail - sure.  I've never had one, but it's like the world's most expensive cocktail that my friend Aimee sent me a link to - which was 55 year old Macallen scotch, passion fruit syrup, and dried peach bitters (or something like that).  If you're drinking good Scotch, why add to it, and if you're not drinking good scotch - yikes.

On the other hand, I only first tasted Drambuie last week, so I might have to try a Rusty Nail before condemning it.  As for manliness - eh.  I don't know...sure.  I mean, it's scotch.

A Snake Bite - Yukon Jack and a dash of Lime.  I've seen Yukon Jack a gazillion times in the store, but never tasted it - is it good?  Bad?  Is this some kind of harsh drink?

A Jagerade, which is Jagermeister and Gatorade.  I've never heard of anyone drinking that, either, though I'm not pretending to know everything about what everybody drinks.  Now grain alcohol and Gatorade, there's a manly drink, and heck, if you want something with Jager in it, I'd do Jager and Red Bull myself.  That's manlyer (manlier?  manly-er?) than vodka and Red Bull.

Gin and juice.  Though they decorate it with a picture of a gin and tonic.  I'm not going to argue with Snoop Dogg.

A Nuclear Waste - supposedly, this is Keith Richards' drink, and it's vodka and Sunkist orange soda.  Seriously.  That's not a manly drink.  I don't care how many drugs he's done.

The final three are good, I think - a Sazerac, a martini, and a Manhattan.  It's number four that got me.

A Tequila Sunrise.


THAT is a manly drink?!

The article claims it's a breakfast drink, but seriously, whatever, dudes.  You want a manly breakfast drink, stick with bourbon and Coke.  Or hell, make a Bloody Bull - that's a Bloody Mary with beef bouillon in it.  Make it with tequila, if you want - I can't remember what's that called.  Or just have a whiskey sour, or an old fashioned, or a mint julep.

But a tequila sunrise!?


Why not a boilermaker at that?
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