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Support the Museum of the American Cocktail

I'm on Zagat's mailing list, probably because I filled out a survey or something for them.  I tend to glance over their e-mails but not pay much attention to them.

As you've seen, I noticed they had an article on shochu recently.  In that same e-mail, they mentioned that Proof was hosting a benefit for the Museum of the American Cocktail.

Basically, there will be five specialty cocktails and hor d'oeuvres served at first, followed by five more dishes each with a special cocktail of its own.  There will be a number of the big names in DC's cocktail community there, such as Adam Bernbach of Bar Pilar, Derek Brown of Komi, Tom Brown of Cork, Gina Chersevani of EatBar, Justin Guthrie of Central, John Hogan of Hudson, Todd Thrasher of Restaurant Eve, Chantal Tseng of Tabard Inn, Rico Wisnor of Poste , and Sebastian Zutant of Proof.


Excited, we - that is, Marshall and I - put in for our tickets and got them.  It's a bit expensive, but I've paid nearly that much for wine dinners before and this looks like a lot more fun to me.  In addition, it looks like a great chance to meet some amazing mixologists!

I'm excited as heck about this event, even if it means I'm missing another meeting that I'd really like to go to that night.  If you're in the DC area, you should try to go.

And as I recover from my long weekend - and the excursion to see the Nationals play yesterday, helped out a lot by the fact that they served Stella Artois near my section - I realize it's Cinco de Mayo, and I've got a buddy of mine coming in tonight for dinner...

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