runoknows (runoknows) wrote in scofflaws_den,

a Batavia Arrack drink

While watching "Great Cocktails" from my DVR and working on Cathy's virus-laden computer I got a beer from the kegerator (a Dogfish Head Shelter Pale Ale) and whaddyaknow, the keg died.

Time to make a drink.  A Pimm's Cup and Fever Tree ginger ale wasn't bad but I wanted one more.

A while ago someone responded to a post I had talking about Batavia Arrack and suggested a drink.  It was equal parts Batavia Arrack and lime juice with 3-4 oz. of ginger ale or ginger beer.

Whomever the friendly anonymous commenter was (I'm guessing Joe), he (or she) didn't say how much of the Arrack and lime juice, so I went ahead and put two ounces of each into my collins glass.  I filled the rest up with some Bundaberg diet ginger beer.

(Why diet?  Because it's the only ginger beer I have that has a resealable cap.)

My - that's a tasty drink!  I probably should've gone with a bit less of the arrack and lime juice but I've topped mine off with the ginger beer as I drink it.

It's a very interesting drink.

This month's MxMo is rum; good thing our good friend dan_oz is coming up!
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