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La Aurora event at Total Tobacco in Rosslyn

I work in Rosslyn, which if you don't know anything about it is a small part of Arlington county, Virginia, right across the Key Bridge from DC.  Such as it is, it's a pretty corporate environment without a whole lot to show for itself other than about one decent restaurant (Ray's the Steaks) and a couple "eh, not bad" places as well as a lot of corporate and government offices.

Across the street from my office is a cigar store called Total Tobacco.  I had gone over there once a while ago and wasn't impressed with the prices but later realized that it might've been simply my perceptions that were a bit askew.

One of my coworkers is into cigars too so the other day we headed over there to check out what they had.  There were a couple of sticks that he highly recommended and that were about $5 less than he could get nearer to his house in Alexandria - though, unfortunately, I cannot remember their names right now.  I went and bought two of them, plus a short little triple maduro.

While there we saw an advertisement for a La Aurora event.  It was today from 12-4 so right at noon we headed over there to see what they have.

The big thing was their rum barrel aged cigars.  They had several other kinds there too and they were doing a promotion - buy 3, get 1 free, buy 5, get 2 free, or buy a box, get 8 free.  I was going to buy one of the rum barrel cigars for tmfiii, so I ended up getting 6.  Unfortunately, it wasn't buyer's choice for the free cigars, but on the other hand, I got two La Aurora 1495s, so that wasn't bad.

I bought one of each size of the rum barrel cigars, plus an extra small one for Marshall, a Don Lino 1989, and a Special Selection.  A nice little haul on the cigars and I can't wait to get a chance to actually smoke something sometime soon!  Stupid other things to do!
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