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A New Gin Joint in Town

Every Friday in the Washington Post, as I would assume occurs in every other major newspaper in the US, they publish their "Weekend" section that lists movies, shows, concerts and generally all kinds of things to keep the masses occupied during their days off.  And in a city like Washington DC, many times people are happy to get one day on the weekend off and ecstatic when they get the whole weekend.

Anyway, in today's Weekend section there is a small article about a new Gin Joint in DC.  Literally a Gin Joint.  It's a bar that, according to the article, has "almost two dozen selections" of gin and carries three different tonic waters.  The tonics listed in the article are Schweppes, Canada Dry and Fever Tree.  Hmmm . . . which one of those doesn't belong?  I'm a little surprised that Schweppes and Canada Dry are the only other two tonics they have.   No Q or Stirrings . . . strange.  They also serve some classic gin cocktails, the Knickerbocker was mentioned, along with some of their own creations. 

Anyway, the place is called New Heights Restaurant's Gin Joint and is located at 2317 Calvert St., NW.  

I think the Scofflaw's are going to have to try and arrange a visit . . . .

Have a good weekend all!


Tags: bars, dc, gin

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