runoknows (runoknows) wrote in scofflaws_den,

What is up with you?

Me, I'm tired (still) but slowly recovering.

I'll try to knock something out on the weekend with the Den, but we had a lot of stuff over the past week.  Let's see what my week was like, for instance:
Monday: Dinner for the Museum of the American Cocktail
Tuesday: Last physical therapy appointment, fliers for the Block party, bowling
Wednesday: doctor, Kickball
Thursday: a friend's birthday dinner
Friday: A visit to New Heights restaurant here in DC (I'll let Marshall post on this first, then follow-up with my thoughts), another friend's birthday (at my house)
Saturday: Block party
Sunday: DR picnic

It's been a helluva week.  And that's not counting work!  This week may be a bit quiet as I recover (and don't drink) but I'll also try to get some stuff out as I work on the new website and get ready for June's Mixology Monday that I'm hosting: BOURBON!

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