runoknows (runoknows) wrote in scofflaws_den,

Upcoming weekend

I know we've been quiet this week.  I've finally got the blog looking the way we want it for the new site, but I just need to be able to get the nav bar working with the HTML setup so everything "clicks".  I want it done by Sunday, but we'll see what happens...

...because I'm going to Amelia this weekend to visit the 'rents.  Sigh.

Tonight is a "happy hour" at my condo complex.  I've got a couple bottles of nice beer to try and I'm taking a bottle of Castries (a peanut rum liqueur) to my parents.

Last weekend Marshall and I had a couple of drinks out of the Food & Wine guide - I plan on blogging those here soon, along with the drink I came up with at a party (named for a guy whose name was Adam, so I called it the Adam Bomb).  I'd love to see if I can get through all 150+ cocktails in the Food & Wine book.

Anyways - if you don't hear from me soon - uh - (channels Arnold) "I'll be back!"

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