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bourbon county

runoknows in scofflaws_den

Mixology Monday "Bourbon" - June 16th, 2008

Yes, we're just about a week out from Mixology Monday, BOURBON!

The scofflaws here at the Den come from a strong bourbon background so it seemed to be an easy choice for me to make when hosting.

Now, here's the real question: what do we want to see from you?

Well, anything bourbon related of course!

There's a fondness, of course, for the traditional drinks, but I always like seeing what random things the brilliant people out there come up with.  For instance, Todd Thrasher's "Smoker's Delight" at PX in Alexandria has bourbon and tobacco in it....

The site migration is taking more time than we thought, so when you have posted (by midnight, Monday, June 16th), send an e-mail to seanmike - at - scofflawsden - dot - com.

You can also post a comment here off of this post (or any other post done by runoknows after this time) but I'd prefer the e-mail.  Include your name, a link to your post, and your drink.

I'll compile them and get them up ASAP.

See you soon!


MxMo entry

Thanks for hosting -- here's our entry:

Re: MxMo entry

Awesome, thanks!


mxmo entry

got mine up before i get too busy and forget....



Re: mxmo entry

Gotcha. Thank you!


MxMo Entry

Thanks for hosting. Here is my post.


Lance J. Mayhew

Re: MxMo Entry

No problemo, glad to have ya.



I'm up as well:
Happy MixMo!!

Re: MixMo

Sweet, thanks Jamie.



Somethiing about the history about bourbon and a very nice manhatten-variation


greatings from the german one


Well, howdy back to the German one!

Got ya.


MxMo Entry

I'm up at Dram of Brine with th Amber Daughter:
Best, The Scribe

Re: MxMo Entry

Amber Daughter? Sounds good...



My MxMo Contribution

I'm looking for your email address but not seeing it... So, I'm posting the link to my bourbon MxMo here. Thanks for hosting!
xo Natalie / The Liquid Muse


Re: My MxMo Contribution

I put it all in words to help with spambots. :-)

Thanks for your entry!


eGullet Contributors

Over on the eGullet topic we had three submissions:

eje (aka Erik Ellestad) revisited Murray Stenson's Porteno.


Tiare continued her experimentation with red peppers in cocktails and contributed what she calls, "Spiced Paprika Whiskey Sour".


bostonapothecary checked out the Savoy Cocktail Book classic, The Artist's Special.




Re: eGullet Contributors

Great, thanks for putting those together!