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bourbon county

runoknows in scofflaws_den

One late MxMo entry...

Someone (cough cough cough) sent their entry to the wrong address...

I mention this for one important reason: vanilla cane orgeat.


Re: Bourbon

Hmmm . . .interesting. Like Sean, I don't think I would think of swapping out the mint for basil in a julep. It certainly sounds like a combination that would work, and be quite tasty, but I would hesitate to call it a "julep."

Just working on memory here, so please forgive me if I'm getting confused, but if I remember the portion from "Imbibe" by David Wondrich correctly, the "julep" is a specific style of cocktail. It consists of a spirit, crushed ice, sugar and mint. You could have a gin julep, brandy julep, whisky julep, etc, etc. Juleps, as a style, followed after the more popular "Smash" where the mint was smashed prior to shaking or smashed during the shaking process. I'm fuzzy on the transition from "Smash" to "Julep" and the differences between them (it could be something as simple as the julep being served over copious amounts of crushed ice. . . )

Anyhoo, in short, I think that basil used in the style of a julep would be tasty I don't think it can be called a julep per se.