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That's it for Thompson

My grandfather smokes cigars, my dad smokes cigars, and I smoke cigars.

Granddad typically sticks with Philly Blunts, a fact that amuses me to no small end.  He does like other cigars, he just doesn't go out of his way to get them.  Dad tends to smoke small cigars when driving but has also enjoyed others such as the Lone Wolf cigars I introduced him to a year or so ago.

I smoke a lot of different things.  My usual brands are La Aurora, La Gloria Cubana (typically the Serie R), and Rocky Patel.

Father's Day came by recently and although I am quite slow, I managed to get the presents out only a few days after it.  My dad had commented that granddad was a fan of the "sampler packs" that you can get from various cigar retailers.  I buy most of my cigars locally but thought that it would be easiest to order such a sampler for both dad and granddad.  Looking through a couple of different websites, I eventually decided to go with Thompson.

I've bought from Thompson a long time ago just after college.  Since then I've gotten their catalogs and their e-mails but not paid much attention to them.  In this case, however, they seemed to be the best deal for my time frame and I got two samplers.

I had to provide a phone number for the order which isn't unusual.  The other day I missed a call from an 888 number, didn't think much of it, and there was no message.  I was at work today and another call came in from an 888 number so I answered it.

It was a representative from Thompson.  He confirmed my orders had shipped to the two different addresses that I gave which was nice.  He then started telling me about a deal that they had where you get points for the cigars you buy, and that leads to a discount/refund of some sort, it was free, blah blah blah...

That started tweaking my radar.  I remembered something about a plan somewhere in the Thompson catalog but I usually don't really read them that closely.  There's something about the catalogs and the prose describing the cigars that just turns me off from the catalog (actually, I know exactly what it is - it's how every cigar seems to be sold as the best cigar in the world, with more on "how wonderful it is" than exactly what to expect from it - I feel like I can't trust their marketing).

The salesman eventually said he wanted to give me a free gift and after a few false starts (mostly offering things I already have - maybe because I underestimated how many cigars I smoke in a week) he said he'd send me a sampler of the Thompson house brand (if I recall the name correctly).  Sure, fine, whatever, that's I just need to talk to his supervisor to confirm it, don't worry, I'd have a month to think about it, but it's free, and if I need more time or less time we can figure that out...


The supervisor comes on and only then can I get a confirmation that this is a SUBSCRIPTION to get cigars every month.

Uh - no.

You know, if he'd come on right away and told me "we want you to basically buy X number of cigars a month, and we'll send them to you automatically, and you get free stuff", I probably would've done it.

But giving me the quick-talking hard sell - no.  Absolutely not.

And now I won't buy them from again now.  You know why?  Because that type of marketing makes me not trust you.

Hmmm...maybe their cigar catalogs should've been foreshadowing...

And with that, I think I might go see about restocking my Lone Wolfs...maybe getting some five packs or is my birthday next week...
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