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We have, finally and officially, moved.

If you are reading this on LiveJournal - well, that whole community.livejournal etc. etc. etc. URL - we are no longer posting on there.

LJ was a fine place to start off at in the blogging world.  I didn't see that much wrong with it, but between having a paid account and using lots of ad blocking software, I would of course not.

I won't get into all the "Behind the scenes" drama that seems to flit around LJ at times - I've always avoided that.

But we've wanted greater control over our future and with our new host we have it.  We'll actually be hosted on Yahoo!'s servers which means that it should be easier for people to hit our site if they're in a location that blocks big blogging areas (such as LJ and Blogspot).

We're moving to WordPress, which means we'll have more flexibility in what we can do, and you'll see that almost right away.

We're going to have some nifty other things, too, as time goes on.  You'll see a "Forums" link, for instance, which isn't active right now but will be down the road.

Enough of the promotional blather, how do you get to this miraculous host of a blog, you may ask?

It's easy.  Just go to

Soon - not right this instant (i.e. 6:01 PM EDT) - you'll be able to use the rest of the Scofflaw's Den URLs:

The best is going to be, though I've liberally linked to

Come on over, we can't wait to see you!

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